Harriet + Kay

Lady Candle | Orange + Peach Blossom


Curvy Lady is the perfect accent to any home or space. Each candle is hand poured with a beautifully crafted curvy female figure, premium quality soy-blend wax and an elegant fragrance that will linger for hours. It is the perfect gift for any occasion or treat for yourself.

As each candle is individually poured, please allow for slight imperfections which may include frosting, bubbles or texture. These are not faults, rather they add character and individuality to each candle.

This candle is designed as a decorative piece however can be lit. To avoid any wax dripping on your furniture, you will need to place a flat heatproof dish underneath to protect the surface you intended to place it on due to its free standing nature as well as ensuring that the candle is steady and won’t tip over. To get the most use out of your candle please burn it for 2 hours or less each time you light it.

Size: 15cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 8cm (L)