Athena Silicone Necklace


The Athena silicone necklaces have been designed to be bold, to be individual.....because we ALL deserve to feel like we have it together.
A gorgeous necklace can help dress up even the most basic of mama outfits!
Designed to fit in with our modern lifestyles - to be easy care and practical while still looking amazing.
They are made to be longline, but are fully adjustable thanks to a breakaway pop clasp connector. Simply unpop the clasp, expose one end -  tie your knot further along the cord, snip off the surplus end and then repop the clasp back together! Simple!
Silicone beads are soft, durable, non-toxic, easy-care and resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria, they also won't absorb sweat or odours.
Heading to the beach? Laying by the pool? No problem! The silicone necklace will cope with all life throws at it.