Harriet + Kay

Reindeer Hide | Dark


Measuring between 130cm to 140cm in length by 105cm in width, these rare decorative hides are unique in natural markings and design.

Sourced from Scandinavia, each dark reindeer hide in our collection is both ethically sourced by product and environmentally friendly tanned and processed. This translates into an interior styling accent that is sustainable, safe and distinctively unique. No two hides are the same, as they are 100% genuine. The fur fleece, the markings on the rear of the hide and the tones are imperfectly beautiful. Qualities and raw beauty you won't get with a faux product.

A dark reindeer hide is a delicate hide, meaning it is best applied as a floor rug where there is no foot traffic or draped as a throw over furniture. They do not wear well with excessive rubbing, which may cause the brittle fibres of the fur to snap from the hide and cause shedding.