Harriet + Kay

Mongolian Sheepskin Throw Blanket | White


The natural white Mongolian sheepskin weighted throw blanket (120cm x 180cm) is a luxurious home decor accessory, perfect over a bed or to snuggle up with on the lounge. The face side of the blanket features the distinctive curly Mongolian fleece and reverses to an ultra-soft cream-colored matching velvet for a silky, luxurious experience whatever side you choose.

Naturally white, this Mongolian sheepskin blanket will add sophistication and style to any room.

The Mongolian sheepskin blanket is a natural, ethically sourced by-product. The blanket combines many hides to form the larger size. You can be guaranteed that no other sheepskin blanket will ever be exactly the same. Your space is as unique as you are, and your sheepskin blanket should be no different.

The makers of this blanket ensure no harsh chemicals are applied during the tanning of each hide. This ensures it is safe for adults, children, pets, and of course kind to the environment.