Harriet + Kay

Icelandic Sheepskin Beanbag Cover | Unfilled | White


These Icelandic sheepskin bean bags are treated and tanned using environmentally friendly solutions. This ensures your safety and enjoyment, and that of anyone else or a pet that wants to curl up in it.

Natural sheepskin isn't difficult to care for. Brush the hair with a pet brush, and shake the bean bag regularly to keep it fluffy. If you need to, you can vacuum it lightly in the direction of the hair. Attend to any spills immediately. We recommend spot cleaning with a damp wet cloth. Allow your Icelandic sheepskin bean bag to dry in the shade after cleaning, and it will stay fresh and beautiful for many years to come.

Please note the bean bag fill is not included with this product, however we are able to assist you with supplying the fill if you require at an additional cost.

Size Approx 100cm x 80cm, high depending on how much filling you add.